Release date:

No dinosaur name? That's right, we're scaling back our release naming. As this is a smaller release with fewer changes it won't be a named release. From now on, only our larger releases will be named after dinosaurs. Because, well, because that makes perfect sense.

What's new#

  • Live Tools
    • When you're signed in to both Dreams and indreams.me at the same time, you now have access to "live tools". These are tools which offer interoperability between the game and the web site. For example, you'll notice that the Tools menu now automatically updates with information about your current activity in-game, and you can now launch creations on PlayStation®4 instantly using the "Launch on PlayStation®4 system" button, available from creation bubbles and creation profile pages. And if you're in create mode, there is a special "Send to Imp" button.

Other improvements#

  • New: There is now a new Cookie information window which displays more information about how cookies are used on indreams.me. It also allows users to disable website analytics for their site usage. This can be accessed from the cookie consent banner which appears when you first load the site, or from the new "About our Cookies" button in the site menu.
  • New: A message now appears when the site is used with an unsupported browser, or when there has been a critical error loading the site.
  • Updated: Google Analytics has been changed to a Cookie-based implementation.
  • Updated: Changed feedback link to "Forums".
  • Updated: Fractionally increased the size of the menu item text in App Menu.
  • Fixed: The controls on Photo bubbles now display a tooltip on mouseover.
  • Fixed: Profile-disabled page allows the user to sign-in with a different account if the cancel button pressed.
  • Fixed: Numerous bug fixes, including browser compatibility issues.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.