v2.1.7 - A forum(al) announcement

Dreamers assemble! Gather round! Rally the troops! Sound the horns! Shut the front door! It's time to get together and discuss the most important things (in Dreams).

After a loooooong hiatus (we're very sorry about that) we've finally brought back the indreams forums for our most important dreamers... you!

Share your ideas, tips and tricks, find new friends to collaborate with, or maybe just sit back and chat about the latest, greatest, creations you've stumbled across.

Simply head over to forums.indreams.me, sign in with your PlayStation™ account, and get chatting!

What’s New?#

  • Forums: Forget Reddit. Facebook? No thanks! Get serious with your Dreams chat on our shiny new indreams forums.
  • Additional formatting: Ever noticed how indreams would completely ignore any custom formatting you’d put into the in-game input fields? Well, not anymore! Indreams will now support the following formatting alongside the game:
    • #, ##, ###, #### (Headings 1 - 4)
    • * or ** around text (Bold text)
    • * at the start of a line (Bullet point)
    • <clue>, <pink> and <term> (Different coloured tags)
  • Image zoom: Tap or click any image on docs.indreams.me and it will be zoomed in so you can see those beautiful details.

Other Improvements#

  • Updated: You can now visit a comment directly from your notification feed.
  • Updated: When adding images to a gallery, it was sometimes unclear which creation gallery you’d be adding the image to. The "Add to gallery" tooltip has been updated to give you more information.
  • Updated: The "Simplify visual effects" option has been removed when editing your profile as it no longer did anything.
  • Fixed: Previously, indreams wouldn’t allow you to delete all of the text in your profile or creation descriptions, you can now.
  • Fixed: New players will now be auto-logged in after seeing the "Enable indreams" screen on first login.
  • Fixed: Some Icons were missing their descriptions.
  • Fixed: Very occasionally, a notification would be missing from your feed if you had blocked someone related to the notification.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.