We've been working hard and mopping our fevered brows to bring you this big indreams update full of goodies. Not only have we added full VR support (alongside the game), we're also giving you access to comments on the web and made you a brand new Edit Mode Guide, so you can quickly read up on any tool, gadget or mode in the game.

What's new?#

  • Comments
    • The unimaginable has become... errr... imaginable. Yes that's right - you can now comment, review, feedback and report bugs all from the comfort of your browser! Go to any creation or player profile page on indreams and make yourself heard.
  • Edit Mode Guide
    • It's back and better than ever! Would you like to read our more info tooltips while also making something in Dreams? You can! Check out our new and improved Edit Mode Guide, giving you interactive documentation of the in-game edit mode menus.
      • Fully expanded, meaning fewer clicks to reach the information you need.
      • Coverage of all edit modes.
      • Includes both the wireless controller and motion controllers tips, which you can toggle between at any point.
  • VR
    • Additions for VR to bring indreams inline with the game.
      • First up, an overview - What is Dreams VR?
      • VR compatibility icons, to let you know whether a creation is suitable for VR or not.
      • VR experience ratings, as bestowed by players, to give you an indication of the level of VR experience you might need to play a creation.
      • VR compatibility search filtering, so you can narrow down your search results.
      • New How To videos full of great tips on getting started with VR in Dreams.

Other improvements#

  • Fixed: An issue where your pinned creations would sometimes disappear if you were connected to Dreams on your console while browsing indreams.
  • Fixed: Pinning private creations would cause an issue with your dreamer profile for anyone else viewing it.
  • Updated: New VR icons added to our Icons page.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.