Let's Go for a DreamWalk

Back in Spring 2020, we introduced the coMmunity to the idea of a DreamWalk (shout out to TAPgiles for the name!). We asked each of you to remix our scene, put your own fantastic twist on a walk through a park and send it back to us. The result? A virtual walk through parks, forests, deserts and even the surface of the moon.

Things got surreal, just the way we like it! We’ve been talking about bringing DreamWalk back ever since and now, as we all recover from the excitement of the 3rd Annual Impy Awards, we’ve got a spot in the calendar to do just that!

Starting today, we’ll be asking dreamers across the world to piece together DreamWalk 2. We’ll be releasing a template and starter kit for those looking for a jumping-off point for their walk. Of course, as with all of our collaborative events, there’s some guidance to follow, but the spirit of DreamWalk is and always will be: you do you! Go as out-of-this-world as you like, or keep it simple and create a picturesque walk through the countryside. It’s totally up to you, and we’d be wrong to suggest otherwise!

In two weeks, on May 6th, 2022, we’ll be gathering up the first batch of entries and piecing together the first walk. Then, two weeks later (May 20th), we'll release a final update to DreamWalk 2, including all the entries that meet the requirements.

If this excites you, and we’re sure it does, have a read of the guidelines below on how to create and submit your entry for DreamWalk 2! We’ve also included links to the template and collection, should you need ‘em.

An image showing off this year's DreamWalk collection, featuring assets for dreamers to use in their creations.

An image showing off this year's DreamWalk collection, featuring assets for dreamers to use in their creations.

Creation Guidelines

To begin, remix the DreamWalk 2 Template scene by MmDreamQueen! We will only allow submissions which are a remix of this scene. When the scene loads, you'll just see a couple of gates.

  • Open your menu with if you haven't already, head to the Show/Hide menu, and turn off Preview Invisibility. You should then see a Blank Puppet (Deluxe) standing on the template floor.
  • The template floor is the maximum playable area of your DreamWalk 2 scene. This means the player can walk around this area but should not be able to move beyond the sculpture grid provided.
  • You can build at any height - the maximum playable area is for the horizontal plane only.
  • You may decorate outside of the template floor.
  • You can have a much smaller playable area if you like - the size of the template floor does not dictate how large the scene should be.
  • Feel free to delete the template floor once you've got the general area of your scene.

But please don't delete or tweak anything on the puppet! You should only control this puppet in first person mode, and no other character should be possessable by the imp. Remote controlled puppets are fine.

The gates are the entrance and exit points of your scene! You will begin the scene at the entrance gate and make your way to the exit gate, which will act as a doorway to the next scene in DreamWalk 2.

  • Feel free to delete these - we only ask that you can walk through your DreamWalk scene and exit the scene using a doorway gadget!
  • If you misplace or confuse the gates, scope in to their group and look in the microchip for a powered-off text gadget. Select that and a symbol will appear. The gate with the red symbol is where the puppet should begin the scene, and the gate with the green symbol is where the end of the scene and doorway should be.

Now it's time to build your DreamWalk scene! In the DreamWalk 2 Kit you'll find a variety of objects you can use to decorate your scene if you wish. The kit includes a Collectable Star element, which you can hide in your scene for other players to find!

  • Nested in the Collectable Star element is a Star microchip, and inside this is an Enable Collection switch.
  • When this is powered off, the player will not be able to collect the star - this might be useful if you want to prevent the player from collecting the star until they've completed a puzzle.
  • You can do this by powering off the switch to start with, and then use another gadget such as a counter or a keyframe to turn the switch back on, allowing the player to pick it up.
  • You are limited to one Collectable Star in your DreamWalk scene, so make sure you hide it well if you have one!

In the next update we’ll collect DreamWalk scenes together and release a scoreboard so players can compete to find as many hidden stars as they can. Like the rest of the objects in the kit, this is optional - don't feel like you have to stamp a Collectable Star into your DreamWalk scene if you don't want to!

An image of this year's DreamWalk template, ready to be remixed!

An image of this year's DreamWalk template, ready to be remixed!

Some final guidelines…

  • In the spirit of the original DreamWalk, don’t add hazards which could kill the puppet! Try to keep the scene as nice and harmless as possible.
  • Don't add anything which could affect the final dream! This means no variables, variable modifiers, score gadgets, score modifiers, prize bubbles or extra doorways!
  • There is no thermo limit on the scenes you submit! However, you should be mindful of any framerate drops and loud sounds when you're testing your scene, and delete or optimise anything that might cause them to occur.

Last, but certainly not least, before you submit your scene to us, make sure it's a remixable scene!

How to Submit

Once you’ve put the finishing touches to your DreamWalk 2 creation, make sure you’ve ticked off the requirements stated in the guidelines and then head to our indreams submission page and submit the indreams link there.

If you have any issues submitting, please get in touch with us on Twitter @mediamolecule(opens in new tab)

And that’s it! Done and dusted. We can’t wait to see what wild walks, jolly jaunts and soothing strolls you concoct for DreamWalk 2! Fancy sharing your walk-in-progress on social media? Use the hashtag #DreamWalk so we can check it out!

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.